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    Guangdong Green Garden Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2000,Mainly engaged in environmental protection equipment manufacturing,Design, installation, commissioning and operation management of environmental engineering such as wastewater, waste gas treatment and water supply purification,Environmental protection technology consulting and other services,It is recognized by relevant departments as the backbone enterprise of environmental protection industry in Guangdong Province and the national high-tech enterprise。The company has undertaken more than 1000 waste water and waste gas treatment projects in eastern Guangdong, western Fujian, southern Jiangxi and other regions, involving industries including electroplating, printing and dyeing, textile, chemical, paper making, pharmaceutical, food, cement, steelmaking, catering and hospital industrial waste water and waste water and domestic sewage industries, etc., which are well received by local environmental protection departments and users。

    The company has the following qualifications:

    1.Guangdong Province Environmental Pollution Control Qualification Industry Certification (Wastewater Class A, waste gas Class A, pollution remediation Class B)

    2."Construction Enterprise Qualification Certificate" (Environmental Protection engineering professional contracting Level 3)

    3."Pollution Control Facilities Operation Service Evaluation Certificate" (Industrial wastewater II, Domestic sewage II)

    4.China Environmental Service Certification (Urban centralized sewage treatment facility operation service level 3, distributed domestic sewage treatment facility operation service level 3, industrial wastewater treatment facility operation service level 2, domestic garbage leachate treatment facility operation service level 3)

    5.Guangdong Province Construction Project Engineering Environmental Supervision Certificate

    6.Qualification Certificate of Engineering Consulting Unit (Class C of Ecological Construction and Environmental Engineering)

    7.Guangdong Environmental Protection Technology Consulting Service Capability Evaluation Certificate (Grade A)

    8.Safety Production Permit

    Since its establishment more than ten years ago, the company has always put the improvement of technical strength in the front, focused on independent technology research and development and technology accumulation, and reached long-term stable cooperative relations with Zhejiang University, South China University of Technology, Sun Yat-sen University, North Engineering Design and Research Institute and other institutions, and carried out a number of technical research。At present, the company has a skilled and experienced technical team, including 9 senior engineers (2 of whom enjoy the special allowance of The State Council), 12 engineers and 6 assistant engineers;It has 22 patents, 4 of which are invention patents。

    The company relies on strong technical strength,It has undertaken six provincial and ministerial science and technology projects,One of them is a national innovation fund project,5 projects for provincial and ministerial level projects;Developed 14 new environmental protection products with independent intellectual property rights,Two of them are listed as key new product development projects in Guangdong Province,1 Obtained the new product certification issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration。

    In addition to the unanimous praise of the majority of customers, the company has also been widely recognized by the relevant departments, in recent years, the company's awards are mainly as follows:

    1.The 600 m3/d circuit board wastewater treatment project designed by our company for Meizhou Bomin Electronics Co., Ltd. was rated as the excellent demonstration project of Guangdong Province in 2006, and the related technology was rated as the second prize of Meizhou Science and Technology;

    2.The "Electroplating Wastewater Treatment and water Reuse Project" designed and constructed for Fengshun Dongda Electronics Co., Ltd. was awarded as the national key environmental protection practical technology demonstration project in 2011;

    3.The project of "Research and Development and application of New active composite suspension filler for water treatment" was awarded the second Prize of Science and Technology Award of Meixian District of Meizhou City in 2014;

    4.The science and technology project "High Efficiency and energy saving treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater technology equipment and promotion and application" was awarded the third prize of 2015 Guangdong Environmental Protection Science Award;

    5.In 2016, our company was rated as the "Twelfth Five-Year" Guangdong Province environmental protection industry backbone enterprise;

    6.In 2017, our R & D center was rated as "Meizhou Engineering Technology Research Center";

    7.In 2018, our company was rated as "High Growth Small and medium-sized Enterprises in Guangdong Province".。

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